Marvin's World

Review this stunning collection of works and the story beghind each piece.

The Park

The first of a series of original contemoprary paintings looking at our everyday lives and the effects of conventional living on our environment. The series follows 'Marvin', a character Andi encountered being portrayed by a street performer in Covent Garden. Marvin battles with the need to live, work and suport his family and the impact his everyday life is having on global climate change. Follow Marvin's battle, the same one we all encounter daily, and how he tries to 'do his bit'.

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The Cafe

This is where Marvin likes to take time considering what he can do to help the environment. See his socked foot disappearing through the door as he goes to order another latte whilst his shoes wait for him under the table outside.

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The Farm

Farming is playing its part on climate change. What can we do to reduce its impact?

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Rape seed fields cover the land in a spring blaze of beautiful colour, a familiar site to us all.  But is the environment being continually raped by our insatiable need for the oil these fields produce?

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