Femme Bleue

A contemporary selction of paintings fit to grace the finest walls.

Femme Bleue - Modestie

Modesty - painted after an inspirational trip to the Picasso gallery in Paris, this and the other Femme Bleue paintings capture the essence of both cubism and impressionism in a modern realisation of the female form.

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Femme Bleue - Delaisser

Abandon - another stunning piece in juxtaposed orange and blue. This beautiful canvas makes a stunning edition to any home.

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Femme Bleue - 'Avoir de L'admiration'

Have Admiration - The third painting in the Femme Bleue series.  Subtle brushwork and careful positioning of the imagery allows the viewer to percieve subtle human emotion.

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Femme Bleue - Rêver

Dream - A beautiful painting that brings peace and colour to your home, perfect for the bedroom or any place of relaxation...

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Femme Bleue - Isolement

Isolation - The latest addition to the Femme Bleue range comes as a result of the global pandemic and a period of self-isolation that Andi went through. Painted in 2020, 10 years after the last Femme Bleue painting, the latest piece uses chrome orange to great effect, bringing dazzling colour to this new work.