A stunning selection of horse paintings and commissions.

On Parade

Commissioned by an ex British Army captain, this is one of three oil on canvass paintings produced for the family of their favourite horses.

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Event Day

This is the second of three commissions. Finely observed detail in the coat and muscles of the horse make this painting truly exquisite.

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The final painting commissioned to hang in Northamptonshire. This painting captures the tonal beauty in the horses’ coat and the magnificent muscle tone and deportment.

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Thunder at Low Tide

A more contemporary approach to equine painting, Andi's work captures the power and beauty of a Friesian in full gallop on the shoreline.

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Storm in a Summer Field

This painting was a contemporary depiction of a stunning grey enjoying a summers afternoon. Commissioned by a rider & collector, this painting now resides in Norfolk.

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Borne of Fire

Another stunning, contemporary piece of equine portraiture. Feel the power of this beautiful animal as it seems to gallop out of the painting. Created from a subtle palette of colour, Borne of Fire is available from our online store.

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