Early Years

His early working years were spent in the jewellery industry and Andi was lucky to travel the world. This time allowed Andi to experience different cultures, see the divides between the very rich and very poor and also the effects that commercialism have on our environment.  Art featured throughout this period and Andi produced and sold work whilst on his travels.

Technique & Mediums

Learning to draw has been the foundation of Andi's art and his early pieces featured pencil, graphite and pen & ink.  Over time this has developed and Andi now works predominantly in oil, enjoying the flexibility and fluidity it provides.

Marvin's World

After becoming interested in the work of the cubists and expressionists, and after a visit to London for his 40th birthday where he met a street performer - the inspiration for a character in Andi's work, Andi has started work on a series of paintings looking at how we interact with our environment and the challenges we all face dealing with climate change.

Marvin's World follows Marvin and his daily struggles trying to balance his work with his responsibilities to living a greener lifestyle: challenges we all recognise. A light hearted colourful selection of works designed to look at important issues whilst also adding a splash of colour. 

Get in touch...

Andi regularly undertakes commission work and has pieces hanging in the US, Europe, Australiasia and the United Kingdom. Enjoy the site and contact us if you want to discuss a commission or have a general enquiry about Andi and his work.


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